Robert Oscar Lopez Celebrates UN Resolution That Excludes Gay Families

“I have been to the United Nations and met with various representatives on the issue of same-sex parenting. I can’t reveal the names of the ambassadors I met, because this is all radioactive. But the bottom line is, whether they were from Europe, Asia, or Africa, they were more than aware that a freakish Nordic alliance of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland has been trying to turn the whole globe into some kind of gay utopian dream. The ambassadors I’ve spoken with are not impressed with the gay pride parades that take place in Copenhagen. In fact, most of what the LGBT lobby is advocating makes their skin crawl, and with good reason. They’re not morons. I’m no dummy, either. We aren’t fooled by this silly trick of trying to say that orphans being raised by their grandmothers are the same thing as two lesbians who manufacture a child using DNA they got from a fertility clinic. People have seen Blade Runner. People have read Brave New World. People know what it means to create human beings to satisfy wealthy people’s desire for designer kids.” – Homocon horcrux Robert Oscar Lopez, writing about a UN resolution that excluded gay families thanks to a parliamentary move by Russia. Lopez’ piece was published this morning on the website of hate group leader Matt Barber.

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