REPORT: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Was Kicked Out Of Rehab For Being Disruptive

According to a report published by the Toronto Star, embattled Mayor Rob Ford’s claims of a successful stint in crack rehab are untrue.

Mayor Rob Ford pushed and scuffled with fellow rehab residents and was so verbally abusive that he was kicked out of his group therapy program, according to people who have knowledge of his two month stay at GreeneStone. These accounts of what one person referred to as “destructive behaviour” stands in stark contrast to Ford’s recent public statements that he had a healthy experience and takes his recovery seriously. “Ford broke things, got into fights with other residents,” said one source with knowledge of the mayor’s time in rehab at the resort-turned-drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Muskoka. “Ford stopped people from sharing their stories, which is key to a successful rehab experience,” said another source. “Other residents felt intimidated. They felt he was a bully. He was always saying he did not belong there.” Management was concerned Ford continued to use drugs or alcohol during his time in rehab.

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