One Million Moms Vs Hershey

Just in via email:

Payday candy bars (owned by the Hershey Company) has launched a new marketing campaign symbolizing nudity and encouraging exposing oneself. This distasteful advertisement portrays the candy bar undressing as the wrapper is peeled away to expose a pixilated midsection. The commercial voiceover includes: “It’s the candy bar that is too hot for TV – in all its naked glory – stripped of chocolate with nothing but salty, roasted peanuts on soft, sweet caramel. A Payday bar will get you through your day – Expose Yourself to Payday.” Now parents cannot purchase Payday or any Hershey products with a clean conscience. This inappropriate advertisement is morally wrong and promotes illegal behavior. Take Action: Hershey will probably block incoming emails from our server like they have done in the past, so you’ll want to personally call the Hershey Company’s corporate headquarters and ask that they immediately discontinue their Payday ad that encourages viewers to expose themselves. Let them know we will not buy any Hershey products until the Payday “Standing Tall” commercial is pulled off the air and removed from their website.