Joan Rivers: President Obama Is Gay And Michelle Obama Is A “Tranny”

Via the Advocate:

In a brief video reportedly shot earlier this week in New York, 81-year-old Joan Rivers calls First Lady Michelle Obama “a transgender,” joking that this makes Barack Obama the first gay president. After being asked about the U.S.’s likelihood of having either a woman or a gay president in the near future , Rivers replied, “We already have that with Obama. You know Michelle is a tranny.” The unidentified journalist tries to clarify, asking, “I’m sorry. She’s a what?” “A transgender,” Rivers replies. “We all know.” Conservatives have long made jokes insinuating that the First Lady is actually a transgender woman, but it’s not often that a liberal-minded comedian — let alone one who credits much of her success to her devoted LGBT fan base — make this type of uninspired joke.

Lame. Unfunny. Unacceptable. And of course, Rivers’ comments are being reported on with high glee all over Teabagistan thanks to the above headline by closeted homosexual Matt Drudge.