IRELAND: US-Based Church To Hold HIV “Cure” Sessions Using Industrial Bleach

Via the Independent:

A controversial American Church which is coming to Ireland this weekend is promising a “miracle” cure for patients – but it is, in fact, industrial-strength bleach. The Genesis II Church will hold an event in Monkstown in Dublin over the weekend. On its website it is advertising the event as including access to its “miracle mineral solution” which, it claims, can “remove” a number of serious conditions including cancer, HIV and autism. However, the product – which is also known as MMS – has been banned in a number of countries including the US and the UK because tests by health and food watchdogs identified it as an “industrial-strength bleach”. Health watchdogs here, contacted by the Irish Examiner newspaper, have also issued warnings. It is understood that those planning to attend the seminar over the weekend will be asked to pay a €295 compulsory donation. The church has a number of Irish members.

From the church’s “our beliefs” page:

Spirituality is beyond definition by governments. It is the stuff of natural law, which is shaped by immortal forces and not by humankind. Statutes, constitutions and judicial rulings are created by humankind based on their best, but limited, understanding of how things work. Natural law was here before we humans arrived and will be here long after we are gone. It cannot be governed by mortal minds. The Genesis II Church is unique, as it was formed for the purpose of serving mankind and not for the purpose of worship. Thus the religious beliefs of our members and of other churches are not our business.