Charles Busch – Those Were The Days

A new show opens next week:

“Sidesplitting!” –The New York Times. The acclaimed actor/Tony-nominated playwright and drag legend returns to 54 Below with a show chock full of outrageous personal stories, original characters, original characters and classic songs; all performed with his own unique form of glamour. Charles Busch continues to delight and re-define his craft as a master humorist, entertainer and camp icon. The author of dozens of hit plays (Tale of the Allergists Wife, Die! Mommie! Die!, Psycho Beach Party, The Divine Sister & Vampire Lesbians of Sodom to name but a few), Busch is joined by his longtime musical director Tom Judson. Expect laughter, music, tears and sequins.

Tom Judson, by the way, is the real name of former porn star Gus Mattox. Those Were The Days has a rather interesting history.

(Tipped by JMG reader Tony)