BRITAIN: Same-Sex Couples Could Be Banned From Ballroom Dancing

Via the Guardian:

It is a pursuit that – behind the glitz, sequins and sashays – is known for fierce rivalries and cut-throat determination. But the strain behind the smiles in the world of ballroom dancing is beginning to show, as its governing body pushes to ban same-sex couples from ballroom dance competitions, provoking outrage among competitors. The British Dance Council is to consider proposals that would define a dance partnership as having to consist between a man and “a lady” on 21 July, just before a major competition in Bournemouth. If it is passed, it will ban same-sex couples from mainstream contests, regulating them to same-sex-only categories.

It is currently not specified that partners in competitions must come from opposite sexes, and two women dancing together has long been a commonly accepted practice. The best known same-sex pair on the ballroom dancing scene are perhaps Bradley and Soren Stauffer-Kruse, the married gay couple better known as the Sugar Dandies, who were semi-finalists on Britain’s Got Talent in 2012. Although there are only a handful of same-sex couples competing, the number is increasing, said the human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, who is supporting the campaign against the rule change.

A petition British Dance Council president Byran Allen has been launched.