Brian Brown Launches Petition Campaign Against “Menacing” JP Morgan Survey

“This new development at [JP Morgan] Chase of actively inquiring of every employee whether they support the LGBT community is an egregious invasion of privacy, one that has the potential to be used to punish and intimidate those who refuse to answer the question in the politically-approved way. Will the responses be covered in employee performance interviews? Will they be a factor in promotions or employee raises? Or will they, as the employee who raised the issue fears, be a marker to fire these people when the opportunity arises? The mega-bank refuses to answer questions about the survey, including how they intend to use the responses. If you are a customer of the bank, perhaps you might inquire if this survey is a precursor of an attempt to purge the bank of any employee who doesn’t embrace the LGBT agenda. Perhaps you might also consider whether a bank that attempts to categorize employees based on support for LGBT issues is welcoming to customers who hold traditional values and subscribe to biblical principles.” – Hate group leader Brian Brown, in an email which links to a petition to the CEO of JP Morgan Chase.

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