Radio Shrieker Dana Loesch Poses With Sandy Hook Gun On New Book Cover

For her new book cover, wingnut radio shrieker Dana Loesch poses with the same style of gun used to murder 20 children in Sandy Hook. Glenn Beck’s The Blaze says the cover “will drive liberals crazy.”

In the book, the co-founder of the St. Louis Tea Party and 2012 winner of Accuracy in Media’s Grassroots Journalism Award — not to mention fearless enemy of progressives — provides readers with a comprehensive guide to why the founders created the Second Amendment, the disastrous consequences of anti-gun legislation — particularly on women — and what citizens can do to protect themselves against a government and complicit media hell-bent on violating such rights. Having gone toe-to-toe with leftists on the issue many times, Loesch’s book further serves as a “how-to” guide for defeating the arguments parroted by the mainstream media and its champions.

The AR-15 was also used this week in Oregon’s school shooting. Dana Loesch:

“Gun control is the ultimate war on women. Firearms are the equalizer between the sexes. Sam Colt made us equal, indeed. This book explores that, the racist roots of gun control, and debunks the biggest arguments made by anti-gun extremists. The AR is on the cover because it is the most vilified, misunderstood rifle in America, responsible for the fewest crimes. Education is the antidote to ignorance. Consider this book the medicine.”

I’m sure the parents of all those murdered children will appreciate having their misunderstanding corrected by Dana Loesch.