Perkins Cheers Florida AG Pam Bondi

“If you’re looking for political leadership, skip the White House and head straight for Florida. There, Attorney General Pam Bondi is more than making up for the vacuum of courage in D.C. and governor’s mansions across the country with a powerful defense of democracy. Florida’s chief law enforcer seems to have a better grasp on her job than the man who holds the country’s highest. Together with state officials who have offered a strong defense of marriage in Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, Idaho, Michigan, Colorado, and at least 19 other states, Bondi took what, until recently, was a noncontroversial position for someone in her role: upholding her state’s law. While other ‘leaders’ in her position have thrown in the towel on their most fundamental duty, Pam refused. In the marriage debate, leadership like Attorney General Bondi’s is tough to come by. Do your part to thank her for her courage by sending her a message.” – Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via email.