HYPOCRISY ALERT: Thomas Peters Is Very Upset About “Secret” Donors

Former NOM communications director Thomas Peters is very upset that the main donor to an LGBT-friendly Catholic group has been “exposed” as Quark founder Tim Gill. And by “exposed,” Peters means “listed on federally required forms.”

I’ve been sounding the alarm about Catholics United since 2008. This is the group that, for example, attempted to silence and intimidate priests and bishops from preaching from the pulpit, opposed pro-life efforts, staged a demonstration when Congressman Paul Ryan went to speak at Georgetown, and went after the Knights of Colombus for supporting marriage at the ballot box. — all while knowingly taking money from a notorious gay activist! This isn’t the first time Tim Gill has done this. I published an exposé in 2011 that Gill’s foundation had donated almost $100,000 to New Ways Ministry (I guess 100 grand is the going rate for buying a fake Catholic mouthpiece these days). Over the years, Gill has donated tens of millions of dollars to push gay marriage, often through deceitful tactics such as these. It’s fair to assume that Catholics United knew about Gill’s history when they accepted his money.

Deceitful tactics? Hidden donors? Stop it, Tommy, my sides!