Catholic Church Has The Wisconsin Sadz

“Whatever the outcome of this case, our public conversation over the definition of marriage will continue. As it does, the Roman Catholic bishops of Wisconsin reaffirm their support of marriage as defined in Article XIII, Section 13, and as expressed in their letter of June 2006. They invite others to do the same. The bishops also encourage Catholics to witness their support for this unique relationship. If married, they can do this by living out their own marriage vows. If not married, they can support others who have made a marriage commitment. A witness that draws others to share our values and invites them to join us in our dedication to this timeless institution is the most powerful advocacy we can make. The bishops urge Catholics to witness as well to our belief in the dignity of all people by engaging in civil discourse on this sensitive topic. We are true to our values when we recognize the good faith and humanity of all people, whether or not they share our views. – The Wisconsin Catholic Conference, via press release.