ARKANSAS: State GOP Official Says Hillary Would Be Shot At The State Line

So this happened today:

An Arkansas Republican party official is using colorful language to warn Hillary Clinton about her future political prospects in her adopted home state. Asked how Clinton would fare in Arkansas if she pursued the presidency in 2016, 2nd Congressional District chairman Johnny Rhoda told U.S. News, “She’d probably get shot at the state line.” When a reporter noted that Clinton undoubtedly enjoys a measurable amount of support in a state where her husband served as governor, Rhoda replied, “Nobody has any affection for her. The majority don’t.”

Rhoda, as I learned when searching for his photo, is a pastor at the Word And Faith Christian Church, where he is listed as Dr. Johnny K. Rhoda.  Curious about his doctorate, I found this 2010 article:

We learned from Tim Griffin’s touting of Rhoda as his campaign chairman in Van Buren County that Dr. Rhoda’s doctorate, a Ph.D., comes from Belford University, an Internet operation which Dr. Rhoda acknowledged in a phone interview with us has had its critics. He countered that some people don’t think much of the University of Arkansas, either. (He was just making a point, he said, with the remark about UA, that many schools have both supporters and critics.) He said he holds an Arkansas Tech undergrad degree. A friend of ours, a member of the state’s education establishment, got so interested in Belford University a while back that he tested its course offerings by having his English bulldog, Max Sniffingwell, apply for a degree in “theriogenology/animal reproduction.” On payment of $549 by money order, a diploma, transcript and letter of recommendation shortly would arrive from the United Arab Emirates.

Yup. The GOP official and good Christian pastor who “jokes” about shooting Hillary Clinton has a “doctorate” from a scam school that gives out diplomas to dogs. Seems about right. Also: Secret Service, hello?

UPDATE: You guys, he was just was taken out of context!

“That comment was taken way out of context … It certainly was not meant in a threatening or hostile way at all. It was just a comment. Perhaps I used the wrong word,” Second Congressional District Chairman Johnny Rhoda told Business Insider on Tuesday. “It was completely blown out of proportion.” Rhoda, who has been described as a prominent member of his state’s Republican Party, did not dispute the accuracy of the quote but simply said he was making a point about Clinton’s poor political prospects in the GOP-leaning state where husband, former President Bill Clinton, was once governor.