Tony Perkins Implies That Right Wing Watch Is Lying About The Benhams

Last night Tony Perkins appeared on Fox News to imply that Right Wing Watch is lying about the Benham brothers, saying they are “about as reliable as the Obamacare website.” Right Wing Watch, as you know, always backs up their reports with audio, video, and verbatim quotes that link directly to the douchebag being cited. Media Matters has more:

Fox News host Megyn Kelly invited anti-gay hate group leader Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (FRC) to comment on HGTV’s decision to cancel a program that would have starred a rabid anti-gay extremist, pushing the FRC’s own talking points to baselessly frame HGTV’s decision as an attack on Christians. During the May 8 edition of The Kelly File, Kelly asked Perkins to weigh in on the controversy. Kelly suggested that while HGTV would have been condemned for cancelling a show featuring gay stars, the Benhams were being punished because, unlike gay people, Christians’ rights aren’t as “protected and recognized in this country”: KELLY: “If HGTV had a couple of hosts who are about to launch a TV show and it came out that they were gay and then they pulled the plug on them because they’re gay, the backlash would be enormous in this country, and that’s because gay rights are more and more protected and recognized in this country. Christian beliefs and Christian rights, not so much.”

Watch below.