Swag Tuesday

Courtesy of the Karpel Group, today’s Swag Tuesday prize is Unrepentant Geraldines, the new studio album from Tori Amos which is now available for download and at physical retailers nationwide. Paste Magazine has a great review:

Rather than lushly arranged, these songs are musically sparse, primarily featuring piano and voice, with flourishes of drum loops and synths serving as ambience rather than delivering melody. This is not unwelcome: Amos’ greatest appeal has always been that unnerving voice of hers, which can tear apart words and ideas with a sly smile. Even as she hits 50, that instrument has remained ageless. Despite the nods to “Strawberry Fields Forever” on opener “America,” Unrepentant Geraldines bridles and bristles against the constraints of pop music. Formally, she’s a tinkerer, often writing against the verse-chorus-verse format to favor stray stanzas. She’s a builder of sturdy bridges: The sudden burst of bright sounds and melody turns “America” inside out, not only contrasting the relative austerity of the arrangement but redirecting the song toward some other planet.

We have three copies of Unrepentant Geraldines to give away and one of them is autographed.  Enter to win by commenting on this post. Only enter once and please remember to leave an email address in the text of your comment. Entries close at midnight on Thursday, west coast time.