SAN JOSE: Morrissey Ends Tour-Opening Concert After Fans Rush The Stage

Stereogum recaps the mayhem:

One of the old visual trademarks of a Morrissey show is that fans will rush onstage to hug him and he will go on singing, ignoring them, an apt visual metaphor for the way he’s conducted much of his career. But last night, it seems, some fans took it a bit far. Morrissey opened a North American tour last night at San Jose’s City National Civic, marking his first Bay Area show in some years after he’d canceled a few area shows. And during the encore, fans started doing the rushing-onstage-and-hugging thing, and a few got so physical that they were basically bodyslamming him. It’s a bit tough to see, from the fan-made footage, what was going on, but he cut the show off mid-song and did not return.