Russia To Re-Launch Intervision Contest

Prior to Russia joining Eurovision in 1994, the then-Soviet Union staged its own song contest for several years. Thanks to Conchita Wurst, the contest is returning. Via the Hollywood Reporter:

In the wake of this year’s Eurovision win by cross-dresser Conchita Wurst, Russia’s defense ministry is running a children and youth song contest, billed as “an alternative to bearded Eurovision,” while another song contest, seen as having a similar mission, will take place in Sochi this fall. The Intervision announcement was also accompanied by a reference to Wurst’s Eurovision victory as prominent local music producer Igor Matvienko suggested that all those who are going to compete to represent Russia in the contest should shave their beards. A qualification round for Russia’s representative for Intervision will take place next month in Yalta, a resort on the Crimean peninsula, annexed by Russia from Ukraine earlier this year.

More from Music Times:

It doesn’t take a linguist to notice that “Intervision” suggests a more inward view than pan-European Eurovision, and it’s doubtful many non-former Soviet bloc states will partake. Russia wasn’t popular among non-bloc voters at Eurovision, due not only to its staunch stance regarding alternative lifestyles but also its recent invasion of Crimea. Boos rained down from the audience when the nation received votes. Indeed, the Russian qualification round for Intervision will take place in Crimea at a Yalta resort.