Quote Of The Day – Gina Miller

“Even though no reference to ‘homosexual,’ or any of the rest of the Alphabet Soup Perversity Brigade is mentioned in the legislation, homosexual activists are still waging war against the new law. Now, they have created window stickers for businesses that state, ‘We don’t discriminate. If you’re buying, we’re selling.’ The sticker has a rainbow-colored line running through its center. As they do in every aspect of their anti-Christian, freedom-robbing agenda, they lie about the [Mississippi] Religious Freedom Restoration Act, insisting it will open the door to a flood of anti-homosexual ‘discrimination,’ with Christian businesses owners refusing to do business with people simply because they’re sodomites. That’s not happening, but these people don’t let truth or reason even come close to getting in their way, because if there were even one case of a ‘Christian’ business owner telling a homosexual, ‘We don’t serve your limp-wristed kind in here,’ it would be blaring headline news from coast to coast, world without end.” – Anti-gay shrieker Gina Miller, writing for Matt Barber’s website.

Miller goes on to point out that the American Family Association has published a list of all businesses that are welcoming LGBT customers with the sticker. Miller: “These are businesses you might want to avoid here in Mississippi, unless you’re in the mood to go inside and find out if they really understand what that anti-Christian sticker means.” Since I’m banned from BarbWire, some of you might want to drop by with the below sign which Miller claims has never existed.