Quote Of The Day – Charles Blow

“The sheer volume of bile spewing from the mouth of the Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, is staggering. But just as awe-inducing, and stomach-churning, is the unrestrained breadth of its variety, which makes putting the offenses in order — if one were inclined to — nearly impossible. But high on any list — on a par with the racism, sexism, misogyny, paternalistic plantation thinking and bias cloaked in benevolence — has to be Sterling’s attempt to AIDS-shame Magic Johnson. [snip] In attempting to AIDS-shame Johnson, Sterling further shamed himself — if that’s even possible — and proved supremely disrespectful of and destructive to people living with H.I.V. and those (like Johnson, who responded magnanimously) who are working to reach the affected and protect those at risk. In this it is clear that Johnson is a far better example for our children than Sterling.” – Charles Blow, writing for the New York Times.