Orly Taitz: As California AG I’ll Prosecute Officials Who Claim Obama Is American

Batshit crazy birther queen Orly Taitz has filed to run for California Attorney General. If elected she promises to “prosecute state officials who ignored all evidence brought by law enforcement and experts, showing Obama to possess citizenship of Indonesia, fabricated Selective Service certificate, fabricated birth certificate and a CT Social Security number.”

She’s not the only looney tune in the race.

Attorney General Kamela Harris faces four Republicans, including longtime state legislator Phil Wyman. He proposed that state lawmakers who are found guilty of crimes that endanger the lives of others should face public execution by hanging, firing squad or lethal injection as a deterrent to others. That prompted intraparty criticism by fellow Republican David King. The former San Diego deputy city attorney and regional water quality control board member said Wyman should withdraw from the race.

Taitz has been endorsed by Harlem Pastor David “Jesus Would Stone Homos” Manning and recently appeared on his internet show. (Tipped by JMG reader Pieter)

RELATED: In 2010 Taitz lost the primary for California Secretary of State and then she unsuccessfully sued the Republican nominee, claiming he had been ineligible to run. In 2012 Taitz lost the primary for the US Senate and then she unsuccessfully sued to block the certification of the polling results, claiming that “rampant voter fraud” had cost her the election.