OREGON: Today Could Be The Day

NOM’s demand to intervene in Oregon’s marriage case is being heard today by openly gay U.S. District Judge Michael McShane. Here’s what could happen.

Groups backing gay marriage say it is possible that Judge McShane could issue a decision at the end of the hearing on whether to overturn Oregon’s ban on same-sex marriage. “It could happen,” said Peter Zuckerman, a spokesman for Oregon United for Marriage, noting that judges sometimes quickly rule after hearing arguments for both sides. However, it also wouldn’t be surprising if the judge doesn’t move this quickly. He has asked one lawyer for the plaintiffs, one for the defense and one from the National Organization for Marriage – an anti-gay marriage group – to respond to a series of questions he will pose. He may rule on the intervention request at the hearing – or wait until later. At a minimum, observers should get a better sense of where the judge is headed by the end of the hearing.

The hearing is scheduled to end by 11AM local time.