NORTH CAROLINA: Gay Couples Mark Ban Anniversary By Demanding Licenses

Two years ago today North Carolina’s Amendment One enshrined anti-LGBT bigotry into the state constitution. This morning gay couples are marking the anniversary by demanding marriage licenses in the state capital. Via Freedom To Marry:

A lot has happened in North Carolina in the past two years: New relationships have formed. Children have been welcomed into the world. Families have continued leading their lives. But every day in the state, loving, committed couples are building their families without the fundamental protections of marriage, enduring the discriminatory Amendment One and looking toward a future where no one in North Carolina – or in any state – is denied the freedom to marry the person they love.

That’s why today, couples in Raleigh, NC are taking a stand with the Campaign for Southern Equality, friends, family members, and clergy, through the WE DO campaign. These couples will request marriage licenses and provoke denials from the Wake County Register of Deeds, and married couples will pay $26 to record their commitment in the county as a way of demonstrating that laws like Amendment One are hurting real people and real families in this community.

Freedom To Marry is live-tweeting photos from today’s event.