NOM Cheers Author Who Says That Gay People Are Worse Than Murderers

“After the person murders someone or looks at pornography, they come to see that what they did was actually wrong, they can’t excuse it and moral order is restored and they’re contrite for having done so. But what if you organize your life around something that is wrong? Then you must construct a more permanent rationalization that prevents your conscience from returning to tell you that you’ve just done something profoundly wrong. This is exactly the case with active homosexuals, now extended to homosexual marriage, where they have to say that wrong is right and not only is it right but it’s normative, morally normative, so we need to teach it, we need to bless it in marriages, we need to ordain it in churches and we need to enforce it in our laws. And that is what is happening.” – Robert R. Reilly, former assistant to Ronald Reagan, speaking about his latest book Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior Is Changing Everything.

NOM Chairman John Eastman: “Reilly has drawn on his extensive knowledge of classical political
philosophy to explain the full scope of the dangers inherent in the
modern homosexual rights movement. The movement threatens our very
understanding of human nature, and hence of the American political
regime that derives its understanding of rights and legitimate
government from that nature. This book is a stark warning that should be
read by every lover of liberty, and a call to action for those who
would preserve it.”

C-FAM head Austin Ruse: “This book is magnificent, a real achievement. For anyone interested in
taking our country back from the sexual radicals, you must know how they
did it, so rapidly, efficiently, even brutally. The gay rights movement
slid through American institutions, both public and private, like a hot
knife through butter.”

NARTH Founder Joseph Nicolosi: “If you read only one book on homosexuality, natural law theory, and the
radical changes now being instituted within our culture, let it be this
one! Reilly exposes the unscientific reasons why homosexuality
was normalized in the [American Psychiatric Association] diagnostic
manual. He offers us some intriguing new material. In a clear,
systematic, and engaging style, Reilly show us the inherent futility of
same-sex acts, and eloquently explains what marriage really is. This
book should be required reading for anyone who writes our laws in fact,
for anyone with cultural decision-making power. We must not allow the
surging political tides to obscure what you and I ‘can’t not know’ about
the nature and purpose of sexuality.”