Linda Harvey: Truvada For HIV Prevention Will Lead To Racial Cleansing

“Again, our country’s most well educated professionals will subvert common sense, the results of research, and any inclination to do what’s objectively right, to political correctness. Abstinence is off the table. And the joke is on us, the adults, because we are sacrificing our precious children as a result. Especially at risk from a protocol like PReP are young minority homosexual males, since they now contract HIV at a disproportionately higher rate. Don’t you dare think of the obvious term for this: racial cleansing. Margaret Sanger would nod approvingly. Such cleansing is already happening to unborn minority babies whose mothers disproportionately visit Planned Parenthood clinics. Actually, Planned Parenthood may get a new lease on life as they become centers for youth (as well as adults) to receive their ‘PReP’ shots, which will qualify for reimbursement under Title X federal funding. There’s another answer, of course: launch a nationwide campaign that is pro-marriage ( the authentic man/woman kind), that emphasizes respect, responsibility, and restraint, with no gay’ or heterosexual hook-up sex. When are we going to see programs from our tax dollars that preserve, extend and enhance life instead of enabling disease and death?” – Hate group leader Linda Harvey, writing for Matt Barber’s BarbWire.

RELATED: As the present, there’s no such thing as a “PReP shot” although one is in trials. Truvada is a pill that must be taken daily. 

(Via Right Wing Watch)