IDAHO: Ninth Circuit Expedites Marriage Appeal Hearing, Sets September Date

From the National Center For Lesbian Rights:

Today, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ordered expedited review of a federal district court’s decision that overturned Idaho’s ban on marriage equality. At the same time, the court put the lower court’s decision on hold until the appeal is completed. On May 13, Chief U.S. Magistrate Judge Candy W. Dale ordered the State of Idaho to allow same-sex couples to marry and to recognize the marriages of couples who married in other states. The next day, Idaho Governor Butch Otter and Attorney General Lawrence Wasden appealed that decision to the Ninth Circuit and filed motions asking the court to stay Judge Dale’s decision until the Ninth Circuit completes its review of the case. Today, the Ninth Circuit granted the motions but ordered that the appeal be resolved on an expedited basis. The case will be heard by the Ninth Circuit the week of September 8, 2014.

Unlike in several other states, no Idaho couples were able to marry in advance of last week’s stay. Read the ruling, you’ll be interested to see that one of the judges says, “I find it difficult to conclude that the Idaho ban on same-sex marriage would survive interim Ninth Circuit review.”