HomoQuotable – Fred Karger

“After nearly five years of Brian Brown and his NOM fighting in court against the investigation that I got launched against them in Maine, the verdict is in and NOM is guilty of numerous counts of election fraud. Ten days after I filed my complaint against NOM in Maine back in 2009, I was subpoenaed by NOM’s high-priced attorneys in a federal lawsuit they had filed against California election officials. It was NOM’s retribution against me for taking them on in Maine ten days earlier. After over a year of having to personally fight back against NOM’s subpoena and paying a lot of attorney fees, it’s so great to see justice and fairness win out against the bullies and liars at NOM. It was all worth it! Hopefully we’ll see more actions like this against NOM in Hawaii and Iowa where Brian Brown and his NOM are also being investigated by those state ethics’ offices on sworn complaints that I personally filed.” – 2012 GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger, via press release.