Editorial Of The Day

From the Bangor Daily News:

The results of the commission’s investigation might seem irrelevant now, given that five years have passed — because the commission faced two lawsuits from NOM, both of which NOM lost — and the issue of same-sex marriage is largely settled in Maine. But the principle remains, and the precedent is important. It’s quite likely the state will encounter another organization seeking to hide its major donors one day, and it should be ready.

The point of disclosing donors is not to shame them or harm an organization’s chance of fundraising. Many donors were named on campaign finance reporting forms filed by both sides. The bottom line is Maine residents deserve to know who’s trying to influence their vote. If the commission agrees at its May 28 meeting to impose a fine and require NOM to reveal its donors, it will likely encounter continued resistance. But it’s a fight worth having.

The editorial notes that NOM gave over $2M to Stand For Marriage Maine. According to state law, groups that raise more than $5K for a ballot measure must reveal their donors.