Brian Brown Has The Tom Corbett Sadz

“Governor Corbett claims to be a man of principle and a supporter of marriage. Indeed, in the very statement issued today announcing that he will not appeal this ruling, Corbett cites his own Catholic faith with regard to marriage. But Governor Corbett is abandoning marriage with this choice. He is also turning his back on the people of Pennsylvania and selling out his principles precisely when it is most necessary that he stand by them! Marriage is a unique public good that deserves a vigorous defense; however Governor Corbett has refused to step up to the task, and chosen instead to defend himself and his political aspirations.

“Governor Corbett’s refusal to appeal this ruling completes the disenfranchisement of the people of Pennsylvania. For years they have been denied the right to vote on marriage. Now Governor Corbett has communicated to citizens of Pennsylvanians who have been fighting to be heard on this issue that he will join the ranks of the political elites unwilling to listen. Accordingly, Pennsylvania’s voters must show Governor Corbett that he will be held accountable.” – Hate group leader Brian Brown, adding that NOM will pursue an appeal on behalf of its Pennsylvania members. Which totally worked in Oregon.