Billboard Of The Day

The above mobile billboard began cruising the streets of Manhattan this week.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is the philosophy of Anthony Losquadro, an anti-circumcision activist. Losquadro is the executive director of Intaction, an organization that has been informing the public about the harmful mental and physical effects of circumcising baby boys since 2010. On Saturday, Intaction unveiled their mobile education unit, a large truck plastered with photos of men sullenly holding their baby photos with the text “I did not consent.” Inside the truck are massive screens that play videos castigating the practice of cutting baby wieners. When I visited the truck on Saturday afternoon, it was strategically parked across from the New York Medical Center on First Avenue in Manhattan, a hospital where thousands of baby foreskins have been and will be chopped off. Intaction plans to take to the streets in their new mobile unit, traveling the Tri-State Area and stopping at college campuses and other hospitals.