AUSTRIA: Conchita Wurst’s Eurovision Win Might Advance Same-Sex Marriage

Conchita Wurst met the chancellor of Austria yesterday. The BBC reports that his party is looking to take advantage of her popularity to advance same-sex marriage.

Bearded drag queen Conchita Wurst has given her first public concert since her Eurovision victory this month, performing in Vienna on Sunday. She was greeted by thousands of fans, including gay couples. Many waved rainbow flags or wore fake beards. Earlier, the Austrian was received by Chancellor Werner Faymann, who thanked Conchita for promoting tolerance. Mr Faymann said it was an honour to have Conchita perform in Austria. “You showed a message from our country, from Europe, in a direction that is known as tolerance, love and lust for life,” he said. Mr Faymann’s Social Democrats are hoping that Conchita’s win in Eurovision will spur on their coalition partners, the conservative People’s Party, to advance gay rights in Austria, including equal marriage rights, the BBC’s Bethany Bell reports from Vienna.

Domestic partnerships have been legal in Austria since 2010.