WISCONSIN: Vandal Crumples Atheism Sign At State Capitol Building

The Freedom From Religion Foundation reports that a vandal tried to crumple the above sign at the Wisconsin Capitol Building in Madison. The FFRF posted their message to counter an Easter display erected by the Concernstipated Women. They have posted an additional message next to the sign:

Why is this sign so mutilated? Somebody, presumably somebody who disagreed with our message, tried to destroy our sign. Apparently, this person believes the Capitol is a public forum for Christianity only. If you don’t think religious messages should be displayed on government property, join the club! We don’t think they should be, either. But as long as religious groups use the Capitol to proselytize, FFRF has a right to respond to their message. Religion is divisive. It belongs in churches, not the State Capitol. Keep religion out of government.

After attempting to destroy the sign, the vandal was chased by security guards but eluded capture.