New JMG Mobile Interface Launches

We launched a new mobile interface for JMG today. Don’t freak out if you don’t like it – just hit the “desktop” button at the top and you’ll be returned to the regular version. The new interface supports the following devices at this stage:

  • iPad (Mobile Safari on iOS 5+, Chrome on iOS 5+)
  • iPhone (Mobile Safari on iOS 5+, Chrome on iOS 5+)
  • Nexus 7 (Google Chrome)
  • Kindle Fire (Amazon Silk)

Other Android devices will be supported in the next couple of months. Just click on a photo or title to read each post. You can then swipe back and forth between the posts as you do with any mobile photo gallery. Hit the JMG logo to return to the home page and tap “add to home screen” to create a dedicated JMG button on your device. Everybody hates change, including me, but since you’ve got the option to stick with the old interface, I’m hoping there won’t be too much screaming. But just in case, I’m putting my mandrake earmuffs on.

UPDATE:  Some important features have proven to be buggy or not working from the start. The provider is working to install some fixes and the interface will likely be up and down as they make changes. You’ll continue to be able to access JMG on mobile devices the regular way while they do this. Sigh. I guess I was kidding myself that it would work like a dream right out of the gate, huh?