Brian Brown Doubles-Down On Hypocrisy

“Stay out of New York City. That is effectively the message that a City Councilman named Daniel Dromm has sent to you, me, and millions of pro-marriage Americans — including the millions who already live in the city that never sleeps. And none of us, least of all New Yorkers, can allow ourselves to remain silent about it. What spurred Dromm’s remarks? The announcement that Chick-fil-A had plans to expand its operations into New York City. Dromm is one of those intolerant few who still cling bitterly to a misremembered moment in 2012 when Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy was reported in the press expressing his personal belief that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. In Dromm’s and others’ imaginations, this meant that Chick-fil-A was an ‘anti-gay company’ and that Cathy and the many thousands who work for him deserve punishment.” – Economic terrorist Brian Brown, who for two years has been attempting to punish the many thousands who work for Starbucks and General Mills. Brown is using Dromm’s words in a money beg for NOM’s coming hate march in DC.

NOM’s Dump Starbucks boycott.
NOM’s Dump General Mills boycott.