Ben Shapiro: We Are Using The Left’s Own Despicable Tactics Against Mozilla

On Friday, Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro launched a boycott petition and uninstall campaign against Mozilla and its browser Firefox on his website Truth Revolt. Today Shapiro claims that his campaign has resulted in thousands of complaints on Mozilla’s website.

Mozilla publishes its feedback at the URL The record dates back to April 2012. In that time, there has never been a single day in which the total number of negative comments exceeded 2,200 — until the ouster of Eich. On Friday, the day after the resignation, the number of negative comments was well over 7,000 with another 6,000 negatives on Saturday. The disapproval comment rating skyrocketed to over 90%. The barrage of negative feedback comes in the wake of an aggressive campaign by TruthRevolt and others to hold Mozilla accountable for its bigotry. A petition on this website, the second-most signed in our history, has garnered well over 5,000 signatures; users of Firefox have been blocked since Thursday from accessing the site until reading a message encouraging them to change browsers. Even well-respected conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer called for a boycott. Blocking Firefox users is the same technique employed by the online dating site OkCupid, which originally led Mozilla to the despicable action of firing their CEO for his personal beliefs.

Shapiro also brags that 5644 people signed his uninstall Firefox pledge on its first day. Assuming he keeps up that pace, Shapiro will have rid the world of its estimated one billion Firefox downloads in just over 485 years. (Yes, I did the math.) In the below Fox News clip, Shapiro declares that he has turned the tables and is using the left’s own “despicable tactics” against them. He goes on to direct his outrage at OKCupid, but unlike Andrew Sullivan, he does not attack gay activists. Perhaps that’s because I tweeted him several times to point out that not one LGBT group had publicly commented on the Mozilla controversy until Eich had resigned.

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