Tony Perkins Praises Gay Couple For “Civil Solution” After Bakery Refused Them

On Friday an Indianapolis bakery announced on its Facebook page that it had turned away a gay couple that requested a cake for their commitment ceremony.  Last night Tony Perkins praised the couple for finding a “civil solution” by patronizing another bakery.

A few weeks ago, the owners of 111 Cakery got a call from Mike Stephens and Shane Laney, a newly “engaged” couple who wanted to hire Randy and Trish to make the cake for their April commitment ceremony. Knowing it could cost them their business — or at the very least, change it forever — the McGaths never wavered. Politely, they explained they couldn’t accept the job. Although Mike and Shane complained about the decision on social media, they seem content to “move on” and find another bakery without involving local officials. “We found someone that will do it for us, so we’re going to focus on the good,” Mike said. And that’s exactly as it should be. This is how religious liberty and the free market are supposed to work. Instead of forcing Christians to participate in these ceremonies against their will, the customers simply found their service elsewhere. As with any business policy, the market will vote with their dollars on whether they agree with the McGaths’ position. And as consumers, they should have that right. Tragically, Mike and Shane’s response is an anomaly among those pushing for the redefinition of marriage.

Indiana has no statewide public accommodation protection for LGBT citizens. However in Indianapolis, home to the 111 Cakery, such legal protections do exist.

RELATED: At the second link above, you’ll note that Perkins continues to spread the lie that bakers face jail time for refusing LGBT customers. No state has such criminal penalties.