RuPaul Trolls Download Pirates: Girl, You Don’t Want To Pay A Bitch? Fuck You!

RuPaul is fighting the pirating of her new album, Born Naked, by posting fake versions to BitTorrent in which she disses music stealers with hilarious rants. Via Gizmodo:

Every single track on the album features RuPaul admonishing would-be pirates for not paying up. The decoy version of “Freaky Money” starts off with 30 seconds of what sounds like the build-up to a crazy dance track, when all of a sudden the music fades to the background and RuPaul interjects: “Girl, you just stole my album!” What follows is two minutes and 30 seconds of free association and sass from the drag superstar. It’s pretty special. The decoy leak is a creative strategy for adapting to some of the unfortunate realities of digital music to your benefit. Artists should pay attention, and start doing a little trolling of their own.

Listen to one of the spoofed tracks. (Tipped by JMG reader Jeff)