Phyllis Schlafly Endorses Anti-Gay Virginia State Rep. Bob Marshall For US House

Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly today issued a press release endorsing crazy anti-gay Virginia state Rep. Bob Marshall for the US House.

“Bob has been tested and remained true. He never voted for a tax increase. He passed laws to protect our privacy, increase transparency in government, uphold our constitutional rights, defend innocent life, and uphold Marriage. He authored Virginia’s Marriage Amendment which was passed by 1.3 million Virginia voters. Bob sued the Governor and won a unanimous decision striking down 14 unconstitutional taxes. “Bob Marshall has been faithful to Virginia voters for so many years. He is a reliable, tried-and-true candidate. I urge all patriots to support Bob Marshall,” Phyllis Schlafly said.

Marshall is running for the seat to be vacated by retiring 17-term GOP Rep. Frank Wolf.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: In January Marshall filed an amendment that would grant Virginia state legislators the right to claiming standing in marriage lawsuits. In September 2013, Marshall petitioned the US Supreme Court to overturn Virginia’s legalization of sodomy. In May 2012, Marshall attempted to block the appointment of an openly gay state judge because the nominee has “an illegal husband.” In 2011 Del. Bob Marshall claimed it is a felony for a state office to fly the rainbow flag. Marshall has also called on Virginia to issue its own currency, and has claimed that God punishes women who have abortions by giving them deformed children. After the DADT repeal bill passed, Marshall tried to have gays banned from the Virginia National Guard.