MICHIGAN: Governor Won’t Immediately Recognize Saturday’s 300+ Gay Marriages

The office of GOP Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is ordering state agencies to wait before recognizing the 300+ same-sex marriages that took place on Saturday but the Sixth Circuit Court issued its stay. Via the Associated Press:

About 300 couples wed Saturday in four Michigan counties before a federal appeals court placed a stay on a Detroit federal judge’s decision overturning the state’s 2004 constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. “We are extremely sensitive to feelings on this issue and are hoping for a swift resolution for all involved,” said Sara Wurfel, spokeswoman for Gov. Rick Snyder. Asked if that would prevent, for example, a newlywed gay couple from applying for adoption of children on Monday, Wurfel said that Snyder and his administration consider everything to be on hold for now. “We are not saying that we aren’t or won’t recognize the marriages that happened on Saturday, but that we’re awaiting further court or legal direction on this complex, unusual situation,” Wurfel told The Associated Press in an email Sunday. “Either way, this can’t be construed one way or another as not recognizing the validity of the same sex marriages.”

We should coin a gay term to describe the status of same-sex marriages in places like Utah and Michigan. In both states gay couples stampeded to county clerks’ offices within hours of court rulings. And in both states all those marriages currently have a giant blinking asterisk next to them.