Media Night At The Nasty Pig Store

Last night I dropped in at the media party for Nasty Pig’s newly relocated flagship store in Chelsea, where editors and writers for Out, Advocate, Men’s Fitness and others knoshed on cater-waitered finger foods and slurped cocktails while ogling the endlessly changing young models. Hosting the event was Paper Magazine editor Mr. Mickey and on the decks was DJ Honey Dijon, seen above-right with fashion spectacle and Adidas model Xander Gaines. Nightlife maven Michael Musto swept in at one point, making me feel, fleetingly, a shred of the downtown cred I surrendered when I moved to the Upper East Side a decade ago. Nasty Pig marketing VP Dave Hughes, who has actual nightlife cred and who has supplied mixes for us on JMG via his alter ego DJ Dave Huge, neglected to tell me whether the harnessed pig seen above is an actual handbag or a store prop. It certainly would be a conversation starter at Bear Week.