Irish Queers To Protest St. Patty’s Parade

From the Facebook page of Irish Queers:

Join Irish Queers in protesting the 5th Ave St. Patrick’s Day parade which for over twenty years has banned Irish GLBT groups from marching in the parade with our own banners. This year numerous elected officials from Ireland and New York are refusing to march in the parade because it is such an embarrassment. But thousands of uniformed NYPD cops and firefighters still march in their uniforms which sends the wrong message to GLBTQ New Yorkers, especially those who are already at risk of being targeted for harassment by the police. Join us on the parade sidelines! We’ll have banners, hot beverages, and snacks.

The protest will take place from 10:30am to 12:30pm on Monday on the west side of Fifth Avenue between East 56th & East 57th streets.