Goodbye Crazy Rep. Steve Stockman

Crackpot teabagger US Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) today suffered a humiliating defeat in his GOP primary bid to unseat US Sen. John Cornyn, taking only 17% of the vote. You might recall that last fall Stockman gave every member of Congress a World Net Daily-published book which calls for the impeachment of President Obama. In 2012 Stockman mailed his supporters the “Official Obama Barf Bag” because “socialism makes me sick.” And just a couple of months ago, he tweeted a photo of himself lubricating a gun with a spray can labeled “Liberal Tears.” Stockman was even too crazy for the Texas Tea Party, if you can imagine such a thing, and they opposed his Senate run. Stockman gave up his House seat to try and take down Cornyn, so that’s one freak show we won’t have to think about after November. But you can bet that he’ll spiral even deeper into Crazy Town between now and then.