Gay NYers Turn Out For Collins Debut

According to openly gay former NFL player Wade Davis, there were many gay sports fans in the arena for Jason Collins’ home debut last night.

“As a gay man, I’m always very much aware of how to recognize other gay men,” Davis said. “I won’t give up any of our secrets, but from an eye contact standpoint, I can definitely tell there is a higher proportion of gay men than I have ever experienced at an NBA game.” Anthony Nicodemo, head coach for the Saunders High School basketball team in Yonkers, who came out to his team last year, got tickets for Davis and friends. “It’s a big deal for the LGBT community. We always talk about sports as the last barrier, the last frontier. So being in New York, as diverse as it is, what’s a better place than Brooklyn for him to come place his first home game?” Former ESPN radio personality, Jared Max, who came out to his listeners in 2011, was sitting in the press box, taking it all in.

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