Gary Bauer Has The St. Patrick’s Sadz

“Guinness, Heineken and Sam Adams have cast their lots with the militant homosexual rights movement and withdrawn their sponsorships of New York City’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. The beer companies are attempting to claim the moral high ground, shaming the Catholic organizers of the St. Patrick’s Day parade because they will not allow open homosexuals to march in the parade. Where does this nonsense end? New York City already has a major ‘gay pride’ parade. Guinness, Heineken and Sam Adams could simply sponsor that event if they cared so much about the issue. Would Guinness, Heineken and Sam Adams force the St. Patrick’s Day parade to include groups of polygamists and serial adulterers too? Sadly, this is more evidence of corporate America’s complete meltdown on values issues. Far too many corporations are becoming active combatants in the culture war, fighting against the Judeo-Christian values cherished by so many of their consumers.” – Former Family Research Council president and failed 2000 presidential candidate Gary Bauer.