Eurovision 2014: Belgium’s Entry

Another bear, another ballad. So So Gay reports on Belgium’s Eurovision finals, which were held Sunday night.

It is the turn of the Flanders region of Belgium to select the country’s entry this year, and they went back to using a national final for the first time since 2008 to choose the artist and song. After one of those processes that takes a lot of weeks to narrow down not a lot of acts, we were left with six potential entries battling it out last night. The winner was Axel Hirsoux with ‘Mother,’ which overwhelmingly beat the competition. Winning 57% of the televote as well as being the favourite of the international juries, ‘Mother’ was the clear winner.

Another site observes: “Axel becomes the first Walloon-born Belgian to win a Flemish-produced Eurovision selection.” As I’ve made amply clear, my Eurovision tastes lean towards the over-the-top glitzy silliness that have so characterized the contest over the decades. But this might be my favorite 2014 entry. What a voice! I’m not finding much background detail about Alex Hirsoux, but he is a bear singing about his mother. So…