CPAC Flyer For Red-Caped Catholic Loons Depicts GOProud As Rainbow Beaver

The red-caped Catholic loons of Tradition, Family, & Property are handing out a flyer at CPAC that depicts GOProud as a rainbow-hued beaver gnawing at one of the supporting legs of conservatism. Or something. Via Peter Montgomery at Right Wing Watch:

TFP’s flyer says it protests against GOProud’s efforts to “cast itself as a bone fide member of the conservative movement.” TFP believes: “To be true to itself, the conservative movement must battle on all three conservative fronts (defense, fiscal, and social). That individuals and organizations who subscribe to only one or two of the conservative movement’s three legs are still welcome to join the coalition, but should refrain from publicly opposing the rest of the movement’s efforts on the leg or legs they disagree on.” TFP says welcoming GOProud into the conservative movement would be like a communist or socialist organization seeking admittance to the conservative movement by claiming to be against abortion. As part of the evidence that TFP marshals to prove that GOProud is not conservative, it notes that the group’s website says it encourages “committed stable, relationships between two people, regardless of sexual orientation, that promote healthy families and create value within our society.” Mercy!

After two years of being banned, this year GOProud was able to buy regular tickets to attend, but they were not allowed to speak on any panels or have a booth.