Thomas Peters: I’m On Obamacare

As we’ve long suspected, former NOM communications director Thomas Peters has enrolled in Obamacare. In November an online fundraiser for Peters’ medical bills raised over $40K and led many to wonder if he had already lost his insurance with NOM. In late December a posting to his recovery blog celebrated his enrollment in a “new health insurance plan,” prompting more speculation that the ardent Obamacare opponent had taken advantage of the very system he worked so hard to thwart. And now Peters has confirmed it.

In 2010 Peters wrote this:

Primary health care is already available at emergency rooms across the country. Medicaid provides health care coverage to those unable to afford it themselves. Many people of their free will (especially young men) choose not to purchase health care insurance because they don’t believe it to be in their best interest. Medicare and Medicaid (the government’s major healthcare entitlement programs) are worse offenders than private insurance when it comes to being unable to actually provide care to their subscribers. An expansion of government-care over private-care means more bureaucracy, means more money going to things besides actual care. Again, Obamacare has not made this situation better, it promises to make it worse.

Isn’t it interesting how a grievous disabling injury can suddenly change somebody’s mind?  (Tipped by JMG reader Caroline)