Thomas Peters Has The Arizona Sadz

“This isn’t just an image of the Center for Arizona Policy’s office, it’s a picture of your office, of your father’s place of business, of your best friend’s company, if we allow this to continue. ‘Going out of business.’ They’re serious. They printed out the name and image of CAP’s President Cathi [Herrod] That’s not going to be Cathi in a few years, it will be your picture. They already have my picture posted up. But I asked for it when I chose to defend marriage in public. In the next wave, you’ll be asked where you stand. Either you will hide your witness or you will risk joining the Cathi’s and Thom’s. These images of private property and private citizens being harassed and intimidated can now happen at any place of business or private residence of anyone in the state of Arizona who dares give voice to their disagreement with gay marriage.” -Former NOM communications director Thomas Peters, writing for Catholic Vote.