Swedish Paper Rebrands In Solidarity

Perhaps having noted the action of Britain’s Channel 4, one of Sweden’s most-read dailies has rebranded its logo in rainbow colors in solidarity with Russia’s LGBT people. From the editor:

“Inauguration ceremonies for the Winter Olympics have begun in Sochi. We will be watching the competition, but we also want to show that we do not like that the organizers have brutally exploited the workers who built Sochi’s facilities. Additionally, we want to protest against the Russian authorities and their persecution of homosexuals. We do this by using the LGBTQ movement’s rainbow flag. As long as the Sochi Olympics are in progress, the VF logo will be seen in the rainbow’s beautiful and tolerant colors. We stand for human rights and equality of all people.”

The paper is owned by Sweden’s oldest and largest political party, the Social Democratic Workers’ Party, which presently holds one-third of the seats in the national legislature. (Tipped by JMG reader Paulo)