Scott Lively Speaks To NPR

Hate group leader Scott Lively appeared on NPR yesterday to defend his campaign against LGBT people around the world. An excerpt:

MARTIN: Well, you know, this law, though, has been denounced by the United Nations, by U.S. officials, including the Secretary of State and the president. A number of European nations have said that they’re suspending aid to the country because they believe that this is a fundamental violation of human rights, particularly to criminalize relations between consenting adults. Are they all gay bullies?

LIVELY: Well, you’re talking about government agencies. It’s a little different than gay activists. Although, there are gay activists in government, and often they are bullies. But to get to the whole point about human rights, that’s just simply nonsense. Sodomy is not a human right. I’m an attorney. I majored in human rights, and I can tell you that was – this idea that homosexual sodomy represents a human right is a brand-new invention of the late – latter part of the 20th century by hard-left cultural Marxists. And it actually supplants genuine human rights for religious freedom and family values.

The full transcript and an audio player are at the link.

(Tipped by JMG reader Jacob)