Russia Expands Adoption Ban To All Countries With Same-Sex Marriage

Via TIME Magazine:

During an Olympics already mired in controversy over “gay propaganda” laws, Russia passed a statute Thursday forbidding single people (gay or straight) who live in any country where gay marriage is legal from adopting Russian children. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed the measure as an amendment to the law passed last July forbidding all same-sex couples from adopting from Russia, the Wall Street Journal reports. The new decree will not affect American citizens, who have already been banned from adopting Russian children, regardless of their sexual preferences or marital status, since 2012.

More from Britain’s Telegraph:

The decree, which is dated February 10 but was posted on the Russian government’s website on Thursday, is officially intended to “help improve the procedure for transferring children without parental care to families of Russian and foreign citizens, and to protect the rights and interests of these children.” The amendments to the Russian adoption law that were signed by Mr Medvedev include a bar on adoptions by “those in a same-sex union recognized as a marriage and registered an accordance with the law of states in which such marriage is allowed, and also citizens of such states who are not married.”

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